Hey brands. We present to you, the holy grail of marketing: clean, beautiful intent data.

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Convince anonymous Earmarkers to spend their saved money with you by delivering a perfectly timed and abnormally relevant ad.

Query our database for users who want what you sell in the locations that matter to you. Then, deliver a relevant ad. It’s that simple.

  • Deliverincredibly relevant ads right when the user wants them, and see the results.
  • Learnexactly what products individual users want (anonymized, of course).
  • Visualizeexactly where our users are in the sales funnel, and where they in the world.
  • Useuseful analytics and reporting tools to better understand your ROI.

No one has this data. No one.

As previous advertising executives, we know how much money gets spent on figuring out what’s in people’s heads. Behavioral targeting, predictive analytics, focus groups...turns out its easier if you just ask people what they want.

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Cheaper? Yup. Better ROI? Yup.

Major ad-networks may have scale,
but their numbers are baaaaaad.

iAd’s minimum buy-in: $100k.
Earmark’s minimum buy in: none.
iAds target based on categorical interests.
We target based on what exactly what they want.

Be Helpful and Social

Users can follow you to discover new products.
Users can immediately add your products and offers to their High Five. Reward users who inspire their friends to save toward your products.

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